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3. Manage your blog - Getting Started on GoNevis

You setup your blog, updated the settings and added some posts. Time to manage it now.


Several panels here to see how's your blog doing.

Let's go through each panel and what they're about.


See latest comments on your posts here, click on the panel header to go to comments page.

Click on the comments to open up the modal and view the comment, reply, change status (pending approval, approved and hidden) or delete comment.


See your latest posts with views, likes and comments counter on the right side, click on the panel header to go to posts page.


Some numbers about your posts here. Number of posts, published posts and draft posts.


Same as the publications panel, number of total comments, active comments and pending comments.

Blog Overview

Number of followers and current layout/theme.

Click on the followers counter button to see list of GoNevis users who are following (subscribed) your blog.


"Files" indicates number of files, you can see how much space you've used so far at "Used storage" and how much space is left at "Available storage".

At the bottom of the panel, there's a progress bar that indicates usage of your total storage.

Note that you can upgrade your storage by upgrading your blog, go to Settings > Upgrade.


Check number of team members and number of pending invites. Click on the panel header to go to team page and invite people to your blog.


Navigation page is quite simple, themes display list of links/navigation and in this page you can add those links.

Links have many properties that you can see in the page. Most themes display these links at the header but some at the sidebar or other places.

You can change the order of themes too, drag the left side of the links to reorder them.

A link can be an external link, page link, post link or tag link, for example URL of "/" will redirect to the home page of your blog and "/tag/mytag" will redirect to "mytag" page (which shows list of posts tagged with "mytag") and same goes with the search query.

Note that you can add tags and posts to navigation from their pages (click on options dropdown).

Once you've updated your blog navigation, make sure to click "Save Changes".

Amir Savand • 2019 Feb 09

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