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1. Update your blog settings - Getting Started on GoNevis

You've just created a new blog on GoNevis, time to update your blog settings.

Let's go through each section of settings:


Blog heading, description and address are there.

You can not change your sub-domain currently but you can set your own custom domain.

Read more:


In media section, set your blog logo and cover image, most themes display them with beautiful design that indicates what your blog is about! (You can change your cover image by clicking on top of the page.)

Below that, you will see the theme section, view the themes (you can preview too) and check theme options, tweak them as you like.

For more theme customization you can change the default primary color (blue) too.

GoNevis automatically highlights your code blocks, you can change the highlight theme/colors too! (Option is called "Code Highlight Syntax Theme").


Some cool settings here to check! Setup your Google Analytics, footer text, permissions, etc.

You can remove "Powered by GoNevis." in your footer and set your own by checking "Remove branding.". Note that this is not available in free plan.

If "Show how many times my posts have been visited." is checked, a counter indicating post visits will be visible on all your posts in your blog.

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GoNevis plans are based on blogs, so each blog can have a different plan and check the features to see benefits of each plans and how they make your blog awesome.

Pricing page:


You can see your subscription and transactions here.

Amir Savand • 2019 Feb 09

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