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What is GoNevis Reader

With GoNevis Reader you can explore latest posts of every blog or the ones you're following, that means every time you subscribe or follow a blog, their posts will show up there.Screenshot of GoNevis ReaderYou can access GoNevis Reader via your GoNevis Dashboard with the link on top, or following...
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Alireza Savand • Apr 16 2019 2

How to Disable Google Analytics on

Steps to Disable Google AnalyticsLog in to GoNevis Dash.Navigate to the Site Settings page.Uncheck the "Allow Google Analytics" check-box in the Advanced sectionWhen this option is enabled 2 things can happen:Your own Google Analytics code will be used to track page views, if you have entered one in the settings.We...
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ArsalanSavand • Jun 25 2018

How to invite someone to your team

If you want to give access to someone as Editor or Administrator and add them to your team, all you have to do is invite them.Currently there are 2 roles that a member can be assigned to:AdministratorEditorSteps to InviteLog in to GoNevis Dash.Navigate to the Team page.Click on invite button (bottom...
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Amir Savand • May 13 2018 2

How to remove link and name branding from your website

In this post, we are going learn to remove the branding (Powered by, etc...) from the footer of our website.After enabling "Remove Branding" from your website, the name of the or any logo of it will not appear to your visitors.Steps to "Remove Branding"Log in to GoNevis Dash.Navigate to...
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Amir Savand • May 13 2018 1

Where GoNevis Dash source code is hosted ?

GoNevis Dash is the administration panel or dashboard that is being developed fully open source and it is hosted at Savand Bro's organization at Dash source code: Dash is licensed and distributed under GPLv3.

Alireza Savand • May 04 2018

Can I host my blog under my domain like WordPress ?

Sure you can get a custom domain to point to your website.Using custom domain for your blog is possible and free as well.You can see how to add a custom domain to your blog at How to add a Custom Domain guide.
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Alireza Savand • Apr 30 2018 2

How to add a Custom Domain

On the admin dashboard, head over to SETTINGS, at the bottom of the setting page you'll find Domains section, press "Add Domain" button and enter your custom domain address.Once the domain has been added, you will be given an ALIAS/CNAME which you need to add to your DNS Manager of...
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Alireza Savand • Apr 30 2018 4

How to use GoNevis File manager

In this post we are going to demonstrate and emphasize on how to use GoNevis File manager, and we will answer some frequently asked questions.We will try to cover all the parts of the File manager in this post, so hang  tight and follow us.Note that you need to be Logged-In...
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ArsalanSavand • Apr 07 2018 2